• Process Industry Specific Products And Requirements

Process Industry Specific Products And Requirements

Process Industry Specific Products And Requirements

FST is a global company offering sealing solutions that support many different industries and markets, including the process industry. FST Australia is proud to bring this range to you. We have developed specific sealing solutions that meet the rigorous hygiene and resistance requirements for equipment used in various sectors of the process industry. 

Our in-depth understanding of these requirements allows us to partner with process industry businesses, supporting their needs by delivering innovative solutions that fulfil all industry-specific requirements. What does that mean, exactly? To understand more about how we can be of service to the process industry, let’s take a step back and get down to basics.

Process Industry Requirements

The process industry is home to some of the most rigorous hygiene and safety requirements of any industry. Equipment used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors needs to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, and aggressive product media. Frequent cleaning cycles are essential, meaning that the sealing solutions used in the process industry are held up to an inextricably high standard.

Extraordinary purity and safety requirements are paramount, as is hygiene. Different countries have their own legislation about certification, which makes quality sealing solutions for the process industry an essential piece of equipment for optimal operations and compliance.

What Process Industry Products Support This Requirement?

The process industry makes use of several applications such as mixers, filling systems, pumps, and so much more to complete daily functions. These systems are made up of intricate parts that all need to work seamlessly for the plants to continue producing. FST Australia provides a vast collection of innovative sealing solutions made of high-performance materials that ensure this machinery is always operating at its peak, around the clock.

Our sealing products might be small in stature, but they have a huge responsibility to uphold.

That’s why FST Australia offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that support the process industry and the related stringent requirements. Among these products, the following are specifically geared towards resisting all these extremes. They easily match up to the demanding operating conditions required of them:


O-Rings are the universal sealing product that can be used in multiple process industry applications. We have developed high-performance materials such as 70 EPDM 291 and 75 Fluoroprene® XP 41 to meet the unique requirements of the industry with all the relevant approvals already in place. 

Clamp Seals

These are an ideal sealing element for flange connections in continuously operated systems as they ensure a reliable pipe connection for a wide range of applications. FST offers a material portfolio with all internationally relevant approvals. They have very good chemical resistance, resistance to CIP/SIP processes and media, and low migration values in extractable and leachable studies. 


Developed especially for the process industry, these washers are setting a new standard in purity. They have an elastomer bead that seals without dead spaces in static applications. The Hygienic Usit® prevents the formation of corrosion and microfilms, while sealing securely, made of approved, tested materials. 

These innovative process manufacturing solutions will help your business get the most out of every second of operation. They guarantee the highest levels of safety and hygiene for the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and chemical industries too.

We work with our clients daily to better understand their needs in terms of process industry sealing technologies. Speak to us about developing a custom solution for your business or simply find out more about how FST Australia’s process industry products can support your business and output today.