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Configurators & Selectors

Our smart product configurators and selectors are designed to provide optimal support in choosing the perfect sealing solution to your individual needs. Whether you're in the manufacturing sector, the process industries or any other field requiring precise sealing solutions, our tools simplify the selection process, ensuring you get the right seal every time. Say goodbye to guesswork and inefficiency – let our smart configurators guide you towards the ideal seal for your application, saving you time, effort, and resources. Explore our innovative tools today and experience the difference they make in enhancing your product performance and efficiency.

Simmerring® Selector

Are you looking for a Simmerring® suited for your field of application? With the help of the Simmerring® selector, you can quickly and easily find the right Simmerring® for your application by entering specific application parameters in just a few steps.

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O-ring Configurator

Are you looking for an O-ring and the corresponding installation space? FST’s innovative, web-based O-ring configurator sets improved standards as an auxiliary application for O-ring selection. The goal of this online tool is to select an optimal combination of O-ring and installation space to ensure a reliable seal. Unlike other O-ring configuration programs, the calculation analyses and target value recommendations are based on the current ISO 3601 and other international O-ring standards.

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Hydraulic Selector

Our innovative Hydraulic Selector simplifies the process of finding the right recommendations for sealing systems in mobile hydraulics. With the Hydraulic Selector, you'll streamline your workflow and receive tailored solutions for your specific requirements.

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Chemical Resistance Guide

Get an exclusive insight in the results of decades of testing and experience with sealing material and media. The Chemical Resistance Guide shows you suitable sealing materials for common process media of the general and process industry, such as acids and sulfates and therefore supports you in optimizing your processes and maximizing the lifetime of seals in application.

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Quickly and easily match the compatibility of sealing materials and cleaning agents: With our CIP/SIP Guide (Cleaning In Place/Sterilization In Place), you can precisely match the CIP/SIP media to your sealing products in use.

Finding the right cleaning agent:
Do you already use seals made of materials you know? Then our Tool 1 will help you to find a suitable cleaning agent.

Finding the right sealing material:
Do you already use a special cleaning agent? Then use our Tool 2 to choose a suitable sealing material.

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