Bonded Washers
Bonded seals are metal washerBonded seals are metal washers with a vulcanized trapezoidal elastomer sealing lip being used as static seals for screw connections and flange seals. By tightening the screw, the elastomer sealing lip is compressed and thus generates the sealing effect. In the USS design, the sealing lip is formed to be self-centering. This automatically ensures correct fitting and loss-free assembly. Bonded seals of the Dichtomatik brand are available in standard steel and stainless steel, with an elastomer sealing lip made of NBR or FKM.

Benefits at a Glance
  • For numerous European thread sizes in stock
  • Cost effective solution (reusable)
  • Simple and loss-proof assembly
  • Transfer of high tightening torques
  • Available in various materialss with a trapezoidal elastomer sealing lip vulcanised to their inner diameter.