• Hydraulic Sealing Solutions for Agriculture

Hydraulic Sealing Solutions for Agriculture

Hydraulic Sealing Solutions for Agriculture

Sealing solutions for agriculture face two challenges: extending the longevity of the seal and reducing downtime when the seal is replaced.

Freudenberg Sealing Solutions’ hydraulic seals meet both these challenges, while operating in temperatures ranging from –40°C to 250°C. 

Cassette and combi seal series

SF-style combi seals are the ultimate seal for enhanced dirt protection where shaft rotation and endplay must be accommodated. The Combi-SF22 was designed for the harshest conditions, the seal allowing higher shaft axial stroke and the dual external wipers give improved abrasion resistance — resulting in a 75% improvement over the current market-leading design.

The cassette series consists of robust pinion and hub seals with a multiple point exclusionary labyrinth in a single housing. This is designed to keep dirt, dust and fluids out while keeping oil safely contained within the machinery.

Our sealing solutions for agriculture are plug and play, meaning the down time for maintenance or replacement is minimal.

Material sealing solutions for agriculture

The complex design of our hydraulic seals for agriculture is complemented by the materials used. Polyurethane and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) contribute to strength and heat-resistance.

AU30000 polyurethane seals handle higher temperatures and higher pressures, with ratings of 500 bar and a –40°C to 120°C operating temperature range.

PTFE handles temperatures from −200°C to 260°C, ideal for agricultural operations anywhere from Finland to Brazil. PTFE’s extremely low coefficient of friction means it combats the stick-slip effect as components move from a stationary position. The most famous brand of PTFE is Teflon, commonly used in non-stick pans.

We present to customers the world’s largest product range from a single source. With cutting-edge materials and superior design, our sealing solutions for agriculture extend from the lowliest O-ring to the complex designs and high-performing materials of the combi and cassette series.

To find out how our seals can enhance the performance of your agricultural machinery, contact us.