• Earth Moving Seal Kits: Fluid Containment and Performance

Earth Moving Seal Kits: Fluid Containment and Performance

Earth moving seal kits protect mining, construction and landscaping equipment operating in some of our harshest landscapes.

Not only do seals have to contain hydraulic fluid for power and movement, they need to keep out dirt, sand, water and other contaminants.

Let’s examine why earth moving seal kits are so important to hydraulic fluid containment and great cylinder performance.

Components of earth moving seal kits

Seal kits contain all the elements needed to seal the piston, rod and casing components of a hydraulic system. Within each kit, seals, wipers, guides and bearings are included for hydraulic fluid containment and optimum cylinder movement.

Heavy-duty earth moving machines feature high shock load and heat conditions. Piston seals, for example, must withstand these forces in tandem with the rod seal. A secondary lip behind the primary lip helps to stabilise the seal in the gland, prevents external contamination and acts as a stabiliser. 

Design considerations    

One rod seal designed specifically for earth moving machinery is the T22, which has an asymmetrical profile, shortened inner lip and second support edge and sealing edge as well as press fit at the outside diameter.

Apart from reducing the risk of contamination, the secondary lip reduces the effect of stick slip, or intermittent friction-jamming of moving parts, by maintaining a fluid reservoir between the two lips.

Seal materials

The T22 Rod seal is highly wear resistant, has good media resistance, a wide operating temperature range and very good static and dynamic tightness. It’s used for earth moving equipment, mobile and marine hydraulics and support cylinders.

Our earth moving seal kits product guide looks at some of the seals included and should give you an idea of the range we offer. There are dozens of permutations within each seal family included in our kits. What does that mean? It means our clients get the best combination of design and material for every situation!