• Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Often invisible. Always essential.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies takes responsibility for employees and the environment.

Health Safety Environment

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies takes great care and responsibility for the health and safety of its employees. Similarly, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies and all companies within the Freudenberg Group also understand our responsibility for directing our economic activities in accordance with best practices in terms of sustainability and minimisation of environmental impacts. Our long-term thinking encompasses not just our strategic planning in the marketplace, but also our continuing commitment to health and occupational safety, as well as good stewardship and social responsibility from an environmental perspective.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies:

  • promotes and supports the health and well-being of its employees
  • is committed to acting responsibly, minimising risk and and ensuring a safe workplace every day
  • is diligent in its pursuit of reducing detrimental impacts on the environment and to preserve it for future generations

   You can read more about Freudenberg Sealing Technologies' health and safety policies on our corporate website.

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